Versatile and adaptable, videos are THE way to go for brand awareness and leads.

Videos work hand-in-hand with the rapid growth of social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat by inspiring, evoking emotions and appealing to the real-life needs of one’s target audience.

Each year, the ever-growing video industry continues to see more and more trends. While it may not be the best move to jump onto rising trends too quickly, it is important to monitor them closely as you continue to optimize your video marketing strategy.

Like other social media trends, video trends come and go. It can be hard to keep up with them. But this is where we come in.

We did our digging on upcoming video trends you can expect to see in 2020. Read to learn about them.

1. Branded Content – Drama Series

Did you know that the third season of Netflix original series Stranger Things broke Netflix records with 40.7 million viewers in 4 days?

Drama series like Game of Thrones, Shameless and the Big Bang Theory tap on their viewer’s curiosity and emotions to keep them coming back for more. In doing so, these programmes can build loyal cult followings with strong senses of commitment, since viewers would always want to know what happens in the next episode.

Savvy video marketers are taking advantage of the ability of drama series to build their own cult following. Aside from keeping their viewers engaged with cliffhangers and climaxes each episode, developing a ‘cult following’ of their own gets their brand messages across and helps facilitate brand loyalty.

Like drama series on Netflix or television, if your audience was blown away by the first episode, they would likely be eager to catch the next episode.

Source: DBS

One example most Singaporeans should be familiar with is the DBS Sparks drama series. Branded content aside, the series incorporates recognizable local actors like Adrian Pang and Nathan Hartono as well as powerful storylines to keep readers glued to their screens.

2. Branded Content – Short Films

Source: Julies Biscuits

Another way branded content is making its way to video marketing is through short films. They are usually so entertaining, engrossing and thought-provoking that the audience wouldn’t realize that they are, in fact, advertisements.

Short films forge deep connections with an audience and create a compelling story with a main plot and cast based on a brand’s key messages.

Converting brand information into a story helps organizations create an organic human experience and conveys brand messages in a more digestible and entertaining manner that is easier to understand, retain and recall.

For instance, Julies Biscuits’ The Translator takes viewers on a journey of self-discovery with a powerful message at the end – people have an inherent need for love, and that makes us human. Love is also portrayed in the film as a tie that binds and embodies Julies’ punch line, “The Good in the Middle.” The main plot breaks down branded content into digestible but powerful messages that resonate with their audience and boost brand recall.

3 . Drones and Aerial Videography

From tourist commercials to Saudi Arabia to live performances by Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl halftime show, drone cameras have proven to be extremely useful in the marketing world.

Drone shots and aerial videography give viewers captivating panoramic motion pictures to catch the eye of potential customers at crucial moments and get your target audience’s attention. With drones, you can also leverage more unique and exciting visual angles to present your products.

Source: Reale Ambasciata dell’Arabia Saudita a Roma

Like Visit Saudi’s Welcome to Arabia commercial, aerial videography with drones help a brand stand out by telling a story without words, but with aerial imagery and visuals instead.

4. 360-Degree Videos

360-degree videos have been creeping their way into marketing on Facebook, YouTube and other platforms and we expect them to be big in 2020.

These videos take your audience on a journey but also highlight how your brand is innovative and forward-facing. They are also known to drive more engagement on social media since your audience would be able to navigate and explore the visuals with the touch of their fingers.

In fact, Marketing Dive noted that motion pictures with 360-degree technology drive 7% higher purchase intent on mobile. They also wrote that 360-degree videos were viewed as 8% more relevant than traditional videos.

Source: National Geographic

Take National Geographic’s Lions 360° for instance, their video had a whopping 12 million views on YouTube!

With promises of higher engagement and effective branding, this a trend that is not to be missed!

5. Vertical Content

Did you know that there are more mobile phones in the world than people today?

Smartphones have taken over the world. They are portable and much more convenient to use compared to desktop computers.

In fact, eMarketer detected that 75% of global video viewing is mobile and vertical content is not showing any signs of slowing down.

Source: Billie Eilish

As far as branding is concerned, vertical videos let users get access to information more easily by moving with the ever-increasing usage of smartphones. Take teen pop icon Billie Eilish’s vertical music video for Bad Guy as an example, the video makes use of vertical graphics to be more watchable on mobile.

6. Storytelling through Performance Art

Pushy ads and hard-selling product videos are outdated. Now, video marketing has shifted to storytelling.

Instead of just weaving branded content into a story, however, brands have channelled extra effort into creating ads that are out-of-the-ordinary by incorporating performance art.

Performance art helps an ad stand out with captivating visuals, elegant performances, aesthetic set designs as well as catchy tunes. In this sense, an ad ‘tells’ a story through various art forms like dance, stage design, and music. This two-pronged approach wows the audience but also ‘shares’ stories without words.

Source: StarHub

StarHub’s The #ZIPZAG creatively makes use of urban dance, computer-generated images, as well as a futuristic set design to introduce their new #superfastnetwork. Not only does the ad showcase the talents of various renowned dancers like Lia Kim from 1MILLION Dance Studio, but it also highlights StarHub’s ability to innovate with new technologies to serve their customers better.

The fast pace of the ad also aligns with StarHub’s new nimble network and further solidifies their brand identity.

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