It all started in February 2004. 

Mark Zuckerberg and his college roommates founded Facebook as a humble social networking service. Today, Facebook has 2.45 billion active users and finds itself among one of the most visited websites worldwide.

However, as any internet user would know, Facebook was not the only social media platform to boom. The world was also introduced to Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn in 2010, 2006, 2002 respectively. 

Today, social media is more than just a networking platform, it also presents countless marketing opportunities for branding and engagement. 

But if there is one form of content that has consistently managed to outperform all others on social media, it is video. 

Video marketing has always been a big thing on the big and small screens and it is steadily gaining ground on social media with rising video shares and views over the years. 

Social Media Today notes that a whopping 62% of videos are consumed thoroughly as opposed to being skimmed through!

What’s great about video marketing is versatility. You can take the branded content in any direction and incorporate any key messages or products in your video. From mini-video series and even performance art, the possibilities are endless.

Here are some examples of video marketing done right by brands you might probably recognize.


Bubble Tea Is The Literal Light of Our Lives

Bubble tea is really the light of our lives!! But BBT as an edible beauty product tho – TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY! <> Flash this video to enjoy 50% off LiHo's new beauty tea! #sp

Posted by SGAG on Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Source: LiHO

Koi Thé

Source: KOI Thé Singapore


Source: Zalora

Netflix for SGSecure 

YOU Forty Scam Poster

With him, things go from zero to Forty real quick. Stay secure, SG.

Posted by Netflix on Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Source: Netflix Singapore

But what makes video a frontrunner in social media marketing? 

Stick around to find out.

Video as a Social Media Strategy  

Media One Marketing highlighted the lion city has an internet penetration rate of 82% which is higher than the global average of 50% with an 86% mobile penetration rate as well. In 2019, they also noted 3.4 million social media users in Singapore.

Here are some stats that will wow you.

Social Media Site Number of Users in Singapore
Facebook 3.2 million
YouTube 4 million
Instagram 1.9 million

That’s not all.

Facebook is noted to have 64.33% of the global market share as of December 2019 with Instagram and YouTube having 7.01% and 3.81% respectively. This means that Facebook now dominates YouTube for video content.

What does this mean for social media marketing?

Put simply, it means that it is not enough to create branded video content, one has the angle the content in a way that catches the attention of one’s audience and drives engagement in the form of likes, shares, comments and even clicks.

Neither dull videos nor pushy ads are going to get you the results you want.

Instead, social media video strategies should connect with your audience and provide a personalized experience based on what they demand.

Venturing into branded video content as a digital strategy involves thinking out of the box and putting yourself in your target audience’s shoes while staying as authentic.

That being said, social media video marketing isn’t rocket science when you leverage ongoing trends to build a strong connection with your audience.

3 Popular Branded Video Content Trends You Should Jump On Now

Marketing is a dynamic and ever-changing industry. Preferences and consumer behaviour can change overnight. In order to stay on top of your video marketing game, you must make use of these trends:

1. Mini Video Series

Written long-form content might not get you much engagement on social media, but mini video series have been reported to be huge for 2020.

Mini video series uses storytelling and translate brand messages into digestible, relevant and relatable stories. They expose users to a more human side of branding by evoking emotion and keeping them engaged.

Like drama series and trilogies, brands can make use of cliffhangers and climaxes to build a ‘cult following’ and brand loyalty.

2. Ephemeral Content

While they might disappear after 24-hours, ephemeral content on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat has proven to be an effective marketing tool.

In fact, as many as 200 million people engage in Instagram Stories each month.

Ephemeral content has proven to be advantageous by eliciting instant responses, generating user engagement as well as appealing to the mobile-first generation.

Furthermore, with features like Ask Me Anything and Polls, users can participate and let their voices be heard. This also gives brands the opportunity to get more information about the demands and preferences of their target audience.

3. 360-Degree Videos

What’s extremely innovative about 360-degree videos is being able to give your audience a cinematic experience. One can look up, down and all around.

360-degree videos give your audience a virtual experience from the comfort of their own devices. They are interactive and let your audience “live” those experiences.

As far as branding is concerned, 360-degree videos keep an audience more engaged than a traditional video by telling compelling stories in an innovative manner. 

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